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Adriene Webster – Your Fitness Coach

I have been involved in fitness for over twenty years.  I am a devoted believer in expansive education and I have acquired my Certification as a – FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) through NASM and have acquired  my CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and Weight Management Certification through SCW Fitness Education.  I am also a current member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s #1 membership association for health and fitness professionals.

Achieving any worthwhile goal starts with the right mental disposition coupled with a tenacious spirit. A laid out plan of what to eat and how to work out, accountability, encouragement, and support is where you invite me in.

Make the choice to succeed in your fitness goals and we will work to make it happen. Each person is different; but together, we can define what you truly want and develop the best way to get there.

Ask yourself, Is it my time to “Transform…..Walk Your Talk”. Let me help you do that.

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Client Testimonials

"Adriene's enthusiastic commitment to fitness is contagious. She knows how to tailor your workout and suggests meal plans that will definitely help you achieve your personal goals. I can't thank her enough for making working out fun and helping me to achieve a leaner, toner, healthier and happier me!!!"

− Donnica Wright

"Adriene I want to thank you so much for motivating me to be healthy and fit. It didn't matter how much I weighed or how inconsistent I was she always encourage me to take it one day at a time. Yesterday is the pass and today is a new day. This has motivated me that no matter what I am going to work on being fit and healthy. Because of her good example and encouragement I have lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks. Thanks Adriene. Anyone that uses her services will get there money’s worth because she cares about not just how fit you are, but she cares about the whole person. Thanks Adriene, I'm ready to move forward with more activity."

− Ramona Carruth

"Living the Dream. It's more than a phrase. I watched Adriene take her dream to do a photoshoot and make it her reality. Adriene's dream was not only about transforming her body, in which she did an AMAZING JOB, it was also about fitness along the way. Fitness to me meant walking and exercising. Fitness to Adriene demonstrated a balance of exercise, eating healthy and proper rest.

I love my treadmill, but I would skip meals constantly, especially breakfast. Adriene informed me of just how counter-productive I was being by skipping meals. She broke it down for me and explained how important proper nutrition is, what the body expects and how it reacts when proper nutrition is lacking.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This is true. Just watching Adriene navigate the internal and external components of fitness, physical and mental preparedness, determination and commitment, motivated me get on with my lifestyle change, especially with the nutrition portion of my fitness. Also, I aimed higher to reduce stress levels and get proper rest.

My body has responded, just as Adriene said it would. My energy level is up, my blood pressure is down. My workouts are yielding greater results, and my body is feeling really good. Beach bodies are made in the winter. I've watch Adriene and listened to her, and watched her some more, and listenend some more. My motivation is here. No better time than now, to finish working on my body.

Adriene, thank you so much for "walking the talk". Yes, living it, and sharing along the way to help not just me, but many others. Job well done, my Super Model :-)"

− Donna Wilson

"I am very thankful to Adriene. She has been a pillar of support, encouragement and knowledge throughout my weight loss journey. She has shared her vast knowledge and understanding of fitness with me from Day 1, helping me to lose 20 lbs in 5 weeks. I am forever grateful for Adriene. She ROCKS!"

− Olivia Mallory