Life Happens, Now What

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If you live long enough, you will experience the thrill of milestone achievements and the pain of life-altering challenges. It happens to everyone. How you choose to deal with it and move on is what determines the type of person you become. It’s a choice.

My mother was one 52 and a breast cancer survivor for 12 years. Then metastatic breast cancer, which spread to her stomach, ended her life all too early. Just two years prior to that, my grandmother (on my mother’s side of the family) died of metastatic breast cancer, which spread to her head; she was in her 70’s. Staring this health situation in the face, I wondered…do I have a bullet in the chamber just waiting for me? I’m 24 years old and taking care of my best and closest friend – my mother who was dying of breast cancer. My mind went to what I thought I could control – “I’m 128lbs, healthy and I can handle this”. What was I thinking?


I’m 30 years old and sitting in the gynecologist office. I hear the doctor say, “With your health history, Adriene, you qualify for a program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. You would have periodic biopsies on your breast for early detection and prevention. You’re in a high risk group and this is a viable option.” Tell me something I don’t already know. Viable option for whom? What did you just tell me I qualify for? All these thoughts swirled in my head in the doctor’s office.

How you choose to deal with life-altering decisions determines the person you will become. Multiple biopsies verses, what other option? Bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I saw my mother loose her right breast with a prosthesis replacement and my grandmother had both of her breast removed. What are you asking me to do at 30 years old, no husband and no children yet? WHAT!!!

My choice, my health, my decision was to have the bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I saw firsthand, twice, what this deadly disease of breast cancer can do when it ravages your body. I went for the surgery and never regretted my choice. Ovarian cancer is closely linked with breast cancer, which resulted in my having a partial hysterectomy some ten years later. Even today, my physician is recommending an oophorectomy for removal of my ovaries. This will most likely happen in 2016.


I did go through body betrayal because I no longer looked like I once did. Anger and depression set in along with weight gain. BETRAYED!!!!! Yes, I felt like I was right back on the weight loss roller coaster again. NO, NO, NO. Wait, that’s not true. I knew what to do. Train with weights, cardio, eating healthy, and mindset correction. I got an accountability partner to give me the push to where I KNEW I could be. Don’t give up, don’t give in, life happens to us all. It’s your choice. You can be successful in reaching your health goals.

I worked with several trainers and top fitness professionals in the industry. I didn’t stop until I found the one who would give me EXACTLY what I wanted. My hand was held and I was walking my talk. I was tenacious. I did it!!! I got what I wanted and have it today. I was able to get to 127lbs working with an


I am a devoted believer in expansive education and currently working to get my FNS (Food Nutrition Specialist) certification and CPT (Certified Personal Training) certification through NASM. Achieving any goal starts with a mind shift and a determined spirit to ‘suck it up’ and ‘get it done’. I will provide you with a laid out plan of how to eat and exercise. I want to be your support, encouragement and accountability partner. Make the choice to succeed and never give up and we will work to make it happen.

Yes, life does happen, but there is a wonderful experience when you don’t give up.
Return here often for motivation and a soon to come program.
See you soon.

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