Spring Forward or Get Back to It?

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Are you ready for Spring? Are you ready for Summer? Daylight Saving Time officially began 2:00 am Sunday, March 13, 2016 so you know spring and summer are close at hand. What can you do to get back to looking your best?

Give these upper body and ab workouts a try. If you are a beginner you can start here and you will always move on to a more challenging program as you progress after a few weeks.

IMG_7586If you can do one session a week, here is a great start for upper and abs.

BACK: Dumbbell Row: 2-3 sets / 20 reps

Lean forward where torso is 90 to 120 degree angle to the floor. With two dumbbells, neutral grip, thumb forward. Starting position with weight in hand let it hang straight down with arms fully extended. Using a 2:1:2 tempo, pull the weight up close to your hips, keeping your elbow close to your side, then lower along the same path.

SHOULDERS: Bent-over Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 2-3 sets/ 20 reps
This can be with dumbbells or cables. Lean forward where torso is 90 to 120 degrees angle to floor. Raise upper arms to sides until elbows are shoulder height. Maintain upper arms perpendicular to torso and fixed elbow position (10° to 30° angle) throughout exercise. Maintain height of elbows above wrists by raising “pinkie finger” side up. Lower and repeat. 2:1:2 tempo.

CHEST:  Incline Dumbbell Press: 2-3 sets / 20 reps
Lie on incline bench, a dumbbell in each hand atop your thighs, palms of your hands will be facing each other. Use thighs to help push the dumbbells up, lift the dumbbells one at a time so that you can hold them at shoulder width. Rotate wrists forward so that the palms of your hands are facing away from you. This will be your starting position. Keep full control of the dumbbells at all times. Breathe out and push the dumbbells up with your chest, hold for a second, and then start slowly lowering the weight. Tip: lowering the weights should take about twice as long as raising them.

ABDOMINALS:  Crunches:
Lie on floor, bench, bosu ball with leg bent and feet flat. Place hand behind head or side of head. Slowly, no jerking, lift shoulders and then spine off floor. Pause for two second at top, contracting the muscle, return slowly to starting positions. 3:2:3 tempo.


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