7 Tips To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

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Your vacation is right around the corner and you want to look your best. Your bathing suit has been hanging in eye site as a constant reminder your vacation is near and you want to loose a few pounds. Well, you did it, you ate healthy exercised and yes, the bathing suit fits niceeeee.

The time has arrived. The plane touched down and the sun caress your face. Ahh, you are so gonna enjoy yourself.


You do enjoy yourself. You shop and eat and drink and bring home gifts. But, in the past you may have bought home more than refrigerator magnets, you may also bought home a few extra pounds from your vacation. So, is there anything you can do to enjoy your vacation and minimize bringing home extra luggage, and I don’t mean in your suit case. It is possible to minimize weight gain while on vacation with these simple tips.



Get your mind right. You are on vacation so RELAXXXXX. Take a cat nap, enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or just read a book by the beach. Wherever you are, relax.


It’s okay to get some cardio in, and not at a formal class. If you fly to your destination, you will be walking in the airport. You walk to your gate, you lug your bags, you walk to get through TSA and every step counts. Take the stairs instead of the escalator, when called for. Instead of standing still on the moving floor, walk in the moving floor. It all adds up.


You may have to eat in the airport, so look for healthy options. Grilled chicken or egg whites with wheat toast is available at many stops with fresh fruits. Stay hydrated especially when in the air. Flying can sometimes cause a bit of water retention so drink more water during your flight. If its a long drive, when you hit the rest stops, park a little ways from the door so you have to walk. It all adds up.


Pack your tights, t-shirts and sneakers. Keep your mindset healthy even when away from home. Does your hotel have a gym or spa, use it. No fitness facility, take a walk/run outdoors. Every hotel has a hallway, you can walk up and down the hallway in air condition. Use your room furniture for body weight workouts. Pack resistance bands, they are light weight and take up no room in your suit case. It all adds up.

Sample exercise: Walk-runs, walking lunges, jump squats, toe touches down the hall, pushups using tables, chair dips, abs crunches. Can you think of others to add to the this?

TIP 5:

Be mindful of what you eat, pack a few healthy snacks from home. Meal replacement bars travel very well. Look for healthy restaurants you never tried before. You don’t have to be as strict, but you also want to enjoy your trip and feel good. It’s okay to loosen the reigns a little, but you also want to feel good on your vacation. Every little bit adds up.


Take pictures of yourself during your vacation, even if they are selfies. Nothing gives feedback like a picture. This is where we ultimately get feedback on how we really look, vacation pictures.


Dont forget all the had work you did to get to this point. You may have lost 5, 10 or 20 + pounds. You can enjoy yourself and not undo ALL your work.


REMEMBER: A few pounds gained is not so bad, most if it may be water weight because you are eating different foods and on a different schedule.   Be kind, just unwind. If you gained a little, rectified that when you return to your normal routine. This does not put you back at square one.

If you want to know how to get and keep a healthy mindset, let me help you. I offer a program that will set you on the right path to success. You worked hard, now enjoy your vacation.

Share with me where you went on your vacation and what you did that was healthy. I cant wait to hear from you.

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