What Does This Have To Do With a MAMMOGRAM?

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December 4, 2015 at Thomas Jefferson Outpatient MRI center.  So why am I asking about a mammogram with an IV in my arm?  If you are in your 40’s you may be hearing rumbling reminders from your physician to prepare for your first screening mammogram. Or, is that when I’m 50? There is an ongoing debate on this issue leaving many women unclear as to when to have their first mammogram. Of course, if a lump is found, a mammogram or other testing may be suggested by your doctor.

For some, a mammogram is not an option. Women who are in the high risk category of being diagnosed with breast cancer due to genetics (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother as is my case) may have a different testing to ensure breast health.  Some ladies have opted to have a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction, as I did at the age of 30.  So, the normal routine check of a mammogram is not an option for me. My physician orders an MRI with and without Contrast to check my health.

This is what I did at the Jefferson Outpatient MRI center.


The below information is from wiseGEEK:
“What is the Difference between an MRI with and without Contrast? – wiseGEEK, clear answers for common questions website
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with contrast involves the use of a tracer agent to enhance MRI results, while tests without contrast do not use such agents. For some tests, contrast may be necessary or recommended because of the nature of the patient’s condition. A doctor can evaluate the patient to determine whether an MRI with or without contrast is more suitable, based on why the patient needs imaging and the patient’s history…  One of the key differences between MRI with and without contrast is the level of resolution provided. Some kinds of tissue are difficult to differentiate on a routine MRI. It can be especially difficult to see some types of lesions, areas of abnormal tissue, in which case a doctor could miss a diagnosis or might underestimate the size of a lesion. In these cases, an MRI with contrast may offer superior imaging ability, and reduces the risk that the test might need to be repeated.  Doctors can request both an MRI with and without contrast in some cases. They may want to see the results of both tests to collect as much information as possible about a patient before making a diagnostic decision. When a patient gets an MRI with and without contrast, it can take several hours to complete the testing. In some cases, patients may be allowed to leave and come back for repeat scans rather than having to wait in the imaging center.” – wiseGEEK


I arrived at 4:15 and was finished around 7:45.  I was given earplugs to deal with the loud sound from the machine. I was prepped with the IV for the administration of two tubes of fluid to do the testing with contrast.  I was face down and went in feet first into the MRI machine.  You must be perfectly still while the test is in progress.  How was it?  My arms were over my head and I had to come out at least twice because my arms fell asleep in that position (y’all know the feeling when you fall asleep on your arm and upon waking it feels like dead weight, yeah, like that.)  WELLLLLL, let’s just say; I stuck it out to get the test done.  Sometimes we have to do the uncomfortable to ensure our health is on point.

Walking your talk is more than just lifting weights and eating right.  Health tests, though sometimes unpleasant, are necessary to ensure you are healthy.  It takes about one week to get my results.  I’ll keep you posted if anything comes out negative (I’m sure it will all be positive news).  If you have an MRI experience or a similar experience you went through to keep healthy, that you would like to share, leave a comment below, I would love to hear about it.

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Talk to you soon.

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